Nazwa Wydawca Rok Gatunek
A-Train Ocean 1992 Managerial
Air Bucks Impressions 1992 Managerial
Bandit Kings of Ancient China KOEI 1992 Managerial
Benefactor Psygnosis 1994 Managerial
Big Business Magic Bytes 1990 Managerial
Christoph Kolumbus Software 2000 1994 Managerial
Detroit Impressions 1994 Managerial
Elite Firebird 1988 Managerial
Elite Firebird 1985 Managerial
Floor 13 Virgin Games 1992 Managerial
Football Manager 3 Addictive Games 1992 Managerial
Hillsea Lido Vulcan Software 1995 Managerial
K240 Gremlin Graphics 1994 Managerial
Liga polska LK Avalon 1995 Managerial
Manager, The U.S. Gold 1992 Managerial
Mistrz Polski Manager '96 Mirage 1996 Managerial
Oil Imperium reLINE 1989 Managerial
Omni-Play Horse Racing SportTime 1989 Managerial
Patrician, The Ascon 1992 Managerial
Patrician, The PL Ascon 1992 Managerial
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods Electronic Arts 1991 Managerial
Ports of Call Aegis International 1987 Managerial
Rock Star: Ate My Hamster Colin Jones 1990 Managerial
RockStar: Never Trust Rotten Tangerines Mirage 1996 Managerial
Sensible World of Soccer Sensible Software 1996 Managerial
Seven Cities of Gold, The Ariolasoft 1984 Managerial
Sim City Infogrames 1989 Managerial
Stock Market StarSoft 1987 Managerial
Stock Market PL StarSoft 1987 Managerial
Street Rod California Games 1990 Managerial
Subtrade: Return to Irata boeder 1993 Managerial
Theme Park Electronic Arts 1994 Managerial
Tracon II Wesson International 1992 Managerial
Universal Warrior Zeppelin 1993 Managerial
Utopia: The Creation of a Nation Gremlin Graphics 1991 Managerial
Wayne Gretzky Hockey Bethesda Softworks 1988 Managerial
Wild West World U.S. Gold 1990 Managerial