Nazwa Wydawca Rok Gatunek
Arkanoid Discovery 1987 Action
Arkanoid Imagine 1987 Action
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior Palace Software 1987 Action
Battleships Elite 1987 Strategy
Better Dead Than Alien! Electra 1987 Action
Black Cauldron, The Sierra 1987 Adventure
Bomb Jack Elite 1987 Action
Boulder Dash Kingsoft 1987 Educational
Bubble Bobble Firebird 1987 Action
Buggy Boy Elite 1987 Racing / Driving
California Games Epyx 1987 Sports
City Defence Kingsoft 1987 Action
Death race Atlantis Software 1987 Racing / Driving
Diablo Classic Image 1987 Educational
Empire: War Game of the Century Interstel 1987 Strategy
GeeBee Air Rally Activision 1987 Racing / Driving
Giana Sisters Time Warp 1987 Action
HardBall! Accolade 1987 Sports
Hunt for Red October, The Argus Press 1987 Simulation
Indoor Sports Mindscape 1987 Sports
International Karate + System 3 1987 Sports
King's Quest: Quest for the Crown Sierra 1987 Adventure
Krakout Gremlin Graphics 1987 Action
Last Ninja System 3 1987 Action
Leisure Suit Larry in The Land of the Lounge Lizards Sierra 1987 Adventure
Maniax Kingsoft 1987 Action
Mega-Apocalypse Martech Games 1987 Action
Mouse Trap Microvalue 1987 Action
Nebulus Hewson 1987 Action
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel Sierra 1987 Adventure
Ports of Call Aegis International 1987 Simulation
Predator Activision 1987 Action
Rainbow Islands Ocean 1987 Action
Roadwar Europa SSI 1987 Adventure
Robocop Ocean 1987 Action
Screaming Wings Red Rat 1987 Action
Sherlock: The Riddle of Crown Jewels Infocom 1987 Adventure
Silent Service: The Submarine Simulation MicroProse 1987 Simulation
Sonic Boom Activision 1987 Action
Stock Market StarSoft 1987 Simulation
Stock Market PL StarSoft 1987 Simulation
Tetris MirrorSoft 1987 Strategy
Top Fuel Eliminator Activision 1987 Racing / Driving
Yogi Bear Piranha 1987 Action