Nazwa Wydawca Rok Gatunek
1000 Miglia: 1927-1933 Volume 1 Simulmondo 1991 Racing / Driving
4D Sports Boxing Mindscape 1991 Sports
ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing Data East 1991 Sports
Adventures of Robin Hood, The Millennium 1991 Adventure
Alien Breed Team 17 1991 Action
Alien Storm U.S. Gold 1991 Action
Another World Delphine Software 1991 Adventure
Arachnophobia Ocean 1991 Action
Baby Jo in 'Going Home' Loriciel 1991 Action
Back Gammon Magic Soft 1991 Strategy
Barbarian II Psygnosis 1991 Action
Bard's Tale III, The: Thief of Fate Electronic Arts 1991 Role-Playing (RPG)
Battle Chess II: Chinese Chess Interplay 1991 Strategy
Blues Brothers, The Titus 1991 Action
Bonanza Bros. U.S. Gold 1991 Action
Brat ImageWorks 1991 Action
Brigade Commander TTR Development 1991 Strategy
Cadaver ImageWorks 1991 Action
Celtic Legends UBI Soft 1991 Strategy
Centurion: Defender of Rome Electronic Arts 1991 Action
Centurion: Defender of Rome PL Electronic Arts 1991 Strategy
Chaos Strikes Back On-Line 1991 Role-Playing (RPG)
Chuck Rock Core Design 1991 Action
CJ In The USA Codemasters 1991 Action
Crazy Sue H. Jumpshoe 1991 Action
Cruise for a Corpse U.S. Gold 1991 Adventure
Deuteros: The Next Millennium Activision 1991 Strategy
Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventure Disney Software 1991 Action
Diplomacy Avalon Hill 1991 Strategy
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone Virgin Mastertronic 1991 Action
Dungeons of Avalon PL Zeret 1991 Role-Playing (RPG)
Dyna Blaster Hudson Soft 1991 Action
Exile Audiogenic 1991 Action
F-15 Strike Eagle II MicroProse 1991 Action
Fantastic Voyage Centaur Software 1991 Action
Fantasy World Dizzy Codemasters 1991 Action
Fate: Gates of Dawn reLINE 1991 Adventure
Fields of Glory MicroProse 1991 Strategy
Fighter Bomber Activision 1991 Simulation
Final Fight U.S. Gold 1991 Action
Fuzzball System 3 1991 Action
Godfather, The U.S. Gold 1991 Action
Gods Renegade 1991 Action
Grand Prix D&H Games 1991 Racing / Driving
Heimdall Core 1991 Adventure
Hero Quest Gremlin Graphics 1991 Strategy
Hill Street Blues Krisalis 1991 Simulation
Home Alone Accolade 1991 Action
Hudson Hawk Ocean 1991 Action
InterState: The Game American Dream 1991 Educational

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