Nazwa Wydawca Rok Gatunek
1000cc Turbo Energize 1990 Racing / Driving
4D Sports Driving Mindscape 1990 Racing / Driving
5th Gear Hewson 1990 Action
Air Strike USA Cinemaware 1990 Simulation
Apprentice Rainbow Arts 1990 Adventure
Atomix Thalion 1990 Strategy
Awesome Psygnosis 1990 Action
B.A.T. UBI Soft 1990 Adventure
Badlands Domark 1990 Racing / Driving
Balance of Power: The 1990 Edition Mindscape 1990 Simulation
Ballfever CP Verlag 1990 Action
Balloonacy D. Dodson 1990 Action
Battle Command Ocean 1990 Action
Beverly Hills Cop TyneSoft 1990 Action
Big Business Magic Bytes 1990 Simulation
Blue Max: Aces of the Great War Mindspace 1990 Simulation
Car Vup Core Design 1990 Action
Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation Ocean 1990 Action
Colorado Silmarils 1990 Action
Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator Virgin Mastertronic 1990 Strategy
Conquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail Sierra 1990 Adventure
Creatures Thalamus Ltd 1990 Action
Curse of The Azure Bonds SSI 1990 Role-Playing (RPG)
Dick Tracy Titus 1990 Action
Dick Tracy Titus Software 1990 Action
DragonStrike SSI 1990 Action
Dynasty Wars U.S. Gold 1990 Action
Elf Ocean 1990 Action
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Accolade 1990 Adventure
Escape from Colditz Gibson Games 1990 Action
Escape from the Mindmaster Epyx 1990 Adventure
Fast Food Codemasters 1990 Action
Flimbo's Quest System 3 1990 Action
Golden Axe Virgin Games 1990 Action
Great Courts 2 UBI Soft 1990 Sports
Gremlins 2: The New Batch Elite 1990 Action
Guild of Thieves, The Rainbird 1990 Adventure
Hard Drivin' Domark 1990 Simulation
Harley Davidson: The Road to Sturgis Mindscape 1990 Action
Heavy Metal Access 1990 Action
Hong Kong Phooey Hi-Tec Software 1990 Action
Hot Rod Activision 1990 Action
Impossamole Gremlin Graphics 1990 Action
Indianapolis 500: The Simulation Electronic Arts 1990 Simulation
International 3d Tennis Palace Software 1990 Sports
Ironman Virgin Mastertronic 1990 Racing / Driving
Ishido: The Way of Stones Accolade 1990 Strategy
Italy 1990 U.S. Gold 1990 Sports
Jumping Jack'Son Infogrames 1990 Action
Kamikaze Codemasters 1990 Simulation

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