Nazwa Wydawca Rok Gatunek
4x4 Off-Road Racing U.S. Gold 1988 Action
Action Fighter Firebird 1988 Action
Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh Imagine 1988 Action
Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh Imagine 1988 Action
Armalyte Thalamus Ltd 1988 Action
Army Moves Ocean 1988 Action
Bank Buster Methodic Solutions 1988 Action
Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight Electronic Arts 1988 Role-Playing (RPG)
Bard's Tale III, The: Thief of Fate Electronic Arts 1988 Role-Playing (RPG)
Battle Chess Interplay 1988 Strategy
Beyond the Ice Palace Elite 1988 Action
BMX Simulator Codemasters 1988 Sports
BoBo Infogrames 1988 Action
Buggy Boy Elite 1988 Racing / Driving
Cabal Ocean 1988 Action
Capone Actionware 1988 Action
Computer Scrabble Leisure Genius 1988 Strategy
Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine Hewson 1988 Action
Deflektor Gremlin Graphics 1988 Action
Draconus Zeppelin 1988 Action
Drak ECP 1988 Adventure
Dungeon Master FTL 1988 Action
Dungeon Quest Image Tech 1988 Adventure
Dymanix Digital Designs 1988 Action
Elite Firebird 1988 Action
Empire Strikes Back, The LucasArts 1988 Action
F-18 Hornet Absolute Entertainment 1988 Simulation
F/A-18 Interceptor Electronic Arts 1988 Simulation
Fernandez Must Die MirrorSoft 1988 Action
Fright Night Microdeal 1988 Action
Fury, The Software Communications 1988 Racing / Driving
Genghis Khan KOEI 1988 Strategy
Ghosts 'N Goblins Elite 1988 Action
Great Giana Sisters, The Time Warp 1988 Action
Heroes of the Lance U.S. Gold 1988 Action
Highway Hawks Anco 1988 Racing / Driving
Hostages Infogrames 1988 Action
Hybris Discovery 1988 Action
IK+ System 3 1988 Sports
Ikari Warriors Elite 1988 Action
Impossible Mission II Novotrade 1988 Action
Italy '90 Simulmondo 1988 Sports
Karting Grand Prix Anco 1988 Action
King Kong Bombjack Ltd. 1988 Action
Last Ninja II System 3 1988 Action
LED Storm: Lazer Enhanced Destruction U.S. Gold 1988 Racing / Driving
Life and Death Software Toolworks 1988 Simulation
Live and Let Die Elite Systems 1988 Action
Lombard RAC Rally Mandarin Software 1988 Racing / Driving
Maniac Mansion LucasFilm Games 1988 Adventure

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