Nazwa Wydawca Rok Gatunek
2010 - The Graphic Action Game Coleco 1984 Strategy
Antarctic Adventure Coleco 1984 Action
Brain Strainers Coleco 1984 Educational
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Coleco 1983 Action
Bump 'N' Jump Coleco 1984 Action
BurgerTime Coleco 1984 Action
Cabbage Patch Kids Adventures in the Park Coleco 1984 Action
Cabbage Patch Kids Picture Show Coleco 1984 Action
Carnival Coleco 1982 Action
Choplifter! Coleco 1984 Action
Congo Bongo Coleco 1984 Action
Cosmic Avenger Coleco 1982 Action
Dam Busters, The Coleco 1984 Action
Dance Fantasy Coleco 1984 Educational
Destructor Coleco 1984 Racing / Driving
Donkey Kong Coleco 1982 Action
Donkey Kong Junior Coleco 1983 Action
Dr. Seuss's Fix-Up the Mix-Up Puzzler Coleco 1984 Educational
Dukes of Hazzard, The Coleco 1984 Racing / Driving
Flipper Slipper Coleco 1983 Action
Fortune Builder Coleco 1984 Strategy
Frantic Freddy Coleco 1983 Action
Frenzy Coleco 1984 Action
From Out Of The Jungle - Tarzan Coleco 1984 Action
Front Line Coleco 1983 Action
Gorf Coleco 1983 Action
Illusions Coleco 1984 Educational
Joust Coleco 2001 Action
Ken Uston BlackJack/Poker Coleco 1982 Strategy
Lady Bug Coleco 1982 Action
Linking Logic Coleco 1984 Action
Logic Level Coleco 1984 Action
Looping Coleco 1983 Action
Memory Manor Coleco 1984 Action
Monkey Academy Coleco 1984 Educational
Moon Patrol Coleco 1982 Action
Mouse Trap Coleco 1982 Action
Mr. Do! Coleco 1983 Action
Omega Race Coleco 1983 Action
Pepper II Coleco 1983 Action
Power Lords: Quest for Volcan Coleco 1983 Action
Roc 'N Rope Coleco 1984 Action
Rocky Super Action Boxing Coleco 1983 Action
Sector Alpha Coleco 1983 Action
Slither Coleco 1983 Action
Smurf: Paint 'n' Play Workshop Coleco 1984 Educational
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle Coleco 1982 Action
Space Fury Coleco 1982 Action
Space Panic Coleco 1982 Action
Spectron Coleco 1983 Action

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